Why Tattlr?
Launched in June 2011, Tattlr is the leading Social Media Engagement and Digital PR Consultancy Agency in the region.
Tattlr is part of Connect Ads, an online advertising agency and media house and a subsidiary of OT Ventures. We are part of a leading organization in the field of online and mobile services (OTMT).
Tattlr operations and offices cover the MENA region mainly in Egypt, KSA, UAE, Qatar and GCC.
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At Tattlr we use state of the art tools to monitor your brand's mentions, bilingually across all platforms, delivering uniquely detailed and sophisticated analysis.
We tailor your communication platforms and take your fans through deeply engaging experiences integrating Social or Mobile Apps to reach peak engagement levels.
Tattlr handles your routine engagement tasks through a team of highly trained and dedicated Engagement Consultants who tackle all social media challenges your brand might face, every tactic is tailored to suite your exact needs and brand uniqueness.
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